Resilience Training

Helping you build a set of personally effective skills and behaviours

Our workshops train people to build their personal resilience in whatever ways work best for them. Sessions are structured around our Giraffe Resilience Model.

Our Giraffe Resilience Model has been developed following extensive research across the fields of resilience, mindfulness, positive psychology and psychotherapy.

The Model contains seven elements - each of which have been proven to help people build their personal resilience & wellbeing. Each person will find they have different strengths and weaknesses across the elements of the model.

Grow Your Thinking - Helps individuals develop a growth mindset to see challenges as opportunities in order to learn and grow.

Invest In Positive Relationships - Encourages investment in strong relationships as a source of support and advice

Regulate Negative Emotions - Equips individuals to not let negative emotions damage self-esteem, but to take time to process and grow from them without allowing them to weaken their ability to cope.

Achieve Balance - Encourages us to respond to difficult situations rationally rather than reactively to help gain more balance in everyday life.

Feed Positive Emotions - Experience more positive emotions to offset a bias towards negativity and improve one's ability to deal with adversity.

Foster Self Compassion - Look after yourself! Learn how to become stringer in body and mind to deal with challenges as they occur.

Elevate Hope - Develop hope as a positive motivational state to set clear goals together with the perseverance to achieve them.

“The Giraffe Resilience model is polished, professional and well researched. There are skills and tools here for all, delivered in a fantastic training course which is truly enlightening, highly interactive, fun thought provoking and very well presented by the brilliant Giraffe team.”

Ruby Wax, OBE, mental health campaigner, author and Mindfullness expert.